2019 Performers

Congratulations to all the performers who were selected to be a part of the  SPOTLIGHT 2019. Below is a list of the acts by Division.

MINI DIVISION (grades 1-3)

  • Don Han Chen
  • Huan Xin Chen
  • Henry Hargett
  • William Marmande
  • Abigail Nelson
  • Niles Smalls-Striveson
  • Will Stockman

KIDS DIVISION (grades 4-6)

  • Chance and LK – Laura Kate Wiley and Chance Rawls
  • Reagan Chin
  • Dance Academy Company Team – Julia Crawford, Cheyanne Crum, Charity McQuarter, Addyson Reed, Evelynn Toler
  • The Dueling Sisters – Heaven Gray and Lilly Heller
  • Dixon Dancers – Mary Catherine Bryant, Kylee Brinkman, Haleigh Craft, Airry Deering, Kenzie Fields, Dixie Hobden, Morgan House, Brooklynn Howell, Sierra Ladnier, Katelynn Lee, Nicole Longenecker, Cie’Jay Mosley, MaKaylan Smith, Taylor McFerrin, Kayley Miller, Lylani Pham, Brooklyn Porter
  • Full Scale Family – Dylan Driskell, Zoey Driskell, Zoey Jackson, Alaina Myers, Cedar Powers, Serina Scroggins
  • Macie Brook Pope
  • Emma Marmande
  • Lily Kate Schultz
  • Katie Smith
  • The Stars – Mattie Cole, Ann Dyas Thompson, Mary Brook Wills
  • Kenlee Tillman
  • Hannah Touchton
  • Emily Walton
  • Joy Webster
  • Ella Wilsom

JUNIOR DIVISION (grades 7-9)

  • Eva Barone
  • Dramatic Duo – Melody Van Cleave and Stormy Kirkland
  • Duet – Annabelle Steele and Helen DeLaney
  • Maggie Farmer
  • Full Scale Groove – R.J. Hunt, Julia Hunt, Zach McCord, Tyler Rogan, Brendan Jackson, Gabrielle Roberts
  • Maura Hawkins
  • Albert Le
  • Mary Helene Marmande
  • Anne Elise Sherrod
  • Eleanor Stewart
  • Jere Thomas
  • Twirlers – Molly Hagood and Mary Frances Brady
  • Amelie Wilson
  • Kailim Windham
  • Lydia Van Cleave

SENIOR DIVISION (grades 10-12)

  • Kells Fisher Anderson
  • Isabella Benton
  • Julie-Ann Brazell
  • Brigham Cason
  • Abigail Church
  • The Classy Glasses – Sage Bentley, Zachary Bentley, Jillian Bentley, Savannah Bentley, Yvonna Grech
  • Caylee Farni
  • Lauren Harris
  • Abrielle Le
  • Olivia Lee
  • Trinity Martinez
  • Melinda Leigh Dance Company – Abby Davis, Mikayla Davis, Savannah Ford, Blaikely Franklin, Caroline Firend, Brittnee Hosey, Meredith Lewis, Emma Cate McCrory, Elaina Solano, Jaycie Tungett, Kaitlin Voloshik, Kelleen Walker, Zoe Williams, Carson Wilmoth
  • Ella Mims
  • Jessica Ray
  • Evan Ren
  • Kaitlyn Toomey